Dialogue with friend's

Introduction Conversation
One day two people meet in the wedding party, but they never met before. and they introduce themselves.
Widya          : "Hello, what's your name?" Shaleemar    : "Hi, My name is Shaleemar, and you?" Widya          : "My name is Widya" Shaleemar    : "Where do you live ?" Widya           : "I live at Mawar Street number 3, and you?" Shaleemar    : "I live at Melati Street number 10." Widya           : "Are you coming alone Shaleemar?" Shaleemar    : "No i didn't come alone, i was with my friend's." Widya          : " Where are they?" Shaleemar    : "Maybe they go for a drink" Widya          : " Uh ok, what do you think about this wedding party?" Shaleemar    : " I think the decoration is unique and good." Widya          : " I think same, because i like all about garden party theme things ,like this wedding party." Shale…

Me and my self

Hello,friend's! On this occasion i will introduce my self. My name is Shaleemar Nandita Lilawanti , you can call me Shally or Shaleemar. Shally? Yes i don't know why i love this nick name. I was born in Bandung since Juny 3rd, 2002 . i'm 15 years old now. Currently, my family and i live in Atletik ii street number 27, arcamanik Bandung.

 By the way now i'm studying in 3 national senior high school, every day i go to school by school bus. Next topic I have a hobby, my hobby is Drawing and listening music. Why i like drawing? Because when i was a child, i really like to draw. And also why i like listening music? Because music can make me calm and relaxed.

A few months ago me and my junior high school friends joined the Scout competition, we were winning all the categories of the competition. This is very Amazing for me! because i love scouts although i do not connect with my hobby.

Maybe that is so from my first blog i hope you like it, and don't forget to read my n…